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iAmericans might still be better known for their casual fashions but Mr Pinault, the chief executive of Gucci's owner, Kering, is betting that the millions of domestic and international tourists who descend on New York each year want to snap up European labels on their shopping sprees.The Frenchman, who is married to the Mexican American actress Salma Hayek and whose family owns more than 40 per cent of the Paris based luxury goods giant, says: "Over the last few years we have talked about the growth engine of luxury being in Asia but it is important to remember the size and potential of America."According to market research from Bain/Alta on the luxury goods industry, the Americas actually passed China as the growth leader last year. The researchers estimate that the continent's luxury goods market will grow 4 per cent, and the US alone is valued at ( this year. Other European brands, including the UK's Burberry and Mulberry, have also been steadily building up their presence across North America.Mr Pinault is in the US to visit Kering's American luxury division, which launched three years ago, and its flagship Gucci store in New York, the biggest in the world.Kering, which owns 17 luxury brands including Saint Laurent and Christopher Kane, now plans to invest huge sums renovating some of its 180 US stores and expanding into new areas, as well as into Mexico and South America. When wearing silk, it is vital to keep the material loose across your body. Silk material is unforgiving when worn tightly across the body, similar to how Michelle is seen wearing silk at the General Assembly. Although Michelle looks great in her signature color of red, it is important for all women to remember silk will show every bulge, every line on your figure.. MK is a luxury brand that has in fact earned its first class reputation. Awards such as the CFDA Women's Designer of the Year in 1999, the CFDA Guys's Style Developer of the Year in 2003 and the CFDA Life time Success Honor in 2010 have actually revealed the world why the MK's collection is a pressure to be considered. Michael Kors independently takes a leadership obligation in the design of all products. cheap michael kors
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MK started in the garment, 2004, MK seize the gold duration of development of the devices, devices become the fastest broadening high end baseding on Altagamma Analysis information show, from 2005 to 2010, the element yearly advancement rate of 9 % in 2010 the worldwide add ons sales of $ 57.5 billion, which is a 25 % share of the high end products company. The devices additionally throughout the economic downturn of 2007 2009, just earnings development in the high end category, the 2010 incomes development of 17 %. Michael Kors Purse as a fashion trend accessory maybe the most effective gift for you and your friends! This unique style gives the whole bag a fresh look. At the board room, both teams think they won the reward from 24 Hour Fitness. But the professional trainers chose Rocksolid as the winner due to their fun and original program, which included a cool looking, laminated backstage pass. However, the $24,000 reward was not enough, as Holly managed to raise over $200,000 in donations! Along with the money Sharon raised, the grand total was about $338,000. I shop for my wardrobe; I call it "The Collection." I look for pieces that will complement what I already have and I always have something to wear to the many events we go to.You have a busy, high stress career. Do you have a go to outfit for those days you're too busy to care?No, I love everything I have. If I don't like something, it gets donated.